Due to an exceptionally high level of demand for places, MUASC have now opened a waiting list for new applications. Interested parents should fill in the application form below and will be contacted for trials when additional spaces become available. We are especially restricted at the lower age bracket due to the required low swimmer numbers per coach ratio for supervisory reasons. At present there are over 90 applicants on the waiting list.

Membership Fees for 2018/19 Season

1-3 children£180
4th child£135
5th + child£90

The fees for the 2018/19 season remain the same as the previous three years and includes club registration, insurance, Swim Ireland/Ulster affiliation and also the Thursday night training session.

Payment Options

1) Full payment for each child at registration.

2) Two instalments – 1st at registration and 2nd payment in full on or before 30th Sep 2018

3) Late Registration Fees for New Members

Entry Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec – £180

Entry Jan/Feb/Mar – £120

Entry Apr/May – £80

New Membership Application Form

Membership is open to all persons, however the committee may restrict the number of members.

Where a waiting list is in place the criteria for acceptance shall be the length of time on waiting list.

Exceptions may be made in the following circumstances:

  1. Swimmers ability enables them to progress immediately to main pool session / meet a need in the team
  2. A parent is willing to serve on the committee or assist with organising of club on weekly basis e.g. coaching.

From the outset the club has been affiliated to Swim Ireland & Swim Ulster.