Important Dates

Dates of some upcoming events:

Annual Gala – Saturday 15 June 2019
Heats for the Annual Gala – 16th and 23rd May 2019
800 metres Event – Thursday 2 May 2019

Easter Holidays – 20th to 27th April inclusive

March Qualifying Gala

Some great swimming this weekend at the Qualifying Gala – 

Charlie Morris got a bronze medal in the 50 metres Freestyle – just 0.34 seconds off another Div1 time.

Hannah Lipscomb got another Div 2 time in 200metres Breaststroke and did PBS in 100metres Fly, 100 metres Backstroke, and took an impressive 3 seconds of her 200 IM time.

Annie Kilpatrick also received a Div 2 time in the 50 metres Freestyle and a PB in the 100 metres Freestyle.

Tara Bergeron took 4 seconds of her 100 metres Back crawl time and also did a PB in her 50 metres Backstroke! 

Well Done all. Fantastic swimming!!!!

Development Gala on 3rd March

Fantastic swimming by MUASC at the Development Gala. Well Done especially to Jack Finn on getting a Qualifying Time in the 100 metres Backstroke and a bronze medal! Well Done Jack!!

Also, many congratulations to Andrew Lipscomb who came 1st in the 100m Backstroke (13 years) and 3rd in the 100m Breaststroke (16 seconds off his PB) and took 10 seconds of his 200m IM time!!

Also, well done to Luke Caskey who received a silver medal in the 50 metres Butterfly and PBs in both the 100 metres Freestyle and 100 metres Breaststroke! Well done Luke!!!

And to Michaela Malcolm who got a silver medal in the 100m Breaststroke. And to Orlaith O’Neill who took 4 seconds of her 200 metres freestyle time.

All the hard work is paying off!! Well Done Mid Ulster!!

Spring Qualifying Meet

Another great weekend at the Spring Qualifying Meet in Bangor last weekend. Annie Kilpatrick received a Div 2 time in the 200m Backstroke and a bronze medal and PBs in 100m Backstroke, 100m Free and 50m backstroke. Charlie Morris received a Div 2 time in the 200m Breaststroke, 50 metres Breaststroke and 50 metres Freestyle. Adding to his Div 1 time in the 100m Breaststroke!! Hannah Lipscomb also received a Div 2 time in the 100metres Breaststroke and PBs in 100m Backstroke, 100m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle. And Tara Bergeron also did PBs in 400m Freestyle and 50m Freestyle. Well Done all!! Onwards and Upwards!!

Bangor Open Gala

Fantastic swimming this weekend by Mid Ulster swimmers at the Bangor Open.

Michaela Malcolm came 2nd in the 50 metres Breaststroke and received qualifying times in the 50,100 and 200m Breaststroke for Limerick. 🥈

Charlie Morriss came 3rd in the 200metres Breaststroke and got a Division 1 time for The Nationals in Dublin in the 100 metres Breaststroke! 🥉FANTASTIC!! And so early in the season!

And Annie Kilpatrick received a Division 2 time in the 100 metres Backstroke!

Brilliant results by Mid Ulster. It was the first time all our swimmers swam long course at a competition! So, well done indeed!!

Onwards and Upwards!

Development and Newry Galas

Great swimming by Mid Ulster last Saturday at the Development Gala. Jack Finn was 3rd in his age group and swam 4 seconds faster than his PB and is very close to a qualifying time! Well Done Jack!! Also, Andrew Lipscomb swam brilliantly. He did 3 PBs in the 100m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke and 200M IM. He came 2nd in the Backstroke and 3rd in both the Breaststroke and IM. One to watch in the future. Michaela Malcolm continues to perform brilliantly in the Breaststroke, taking almost one second of her PB and was FIRST in her age group. Well Done everyone!!!

Also at the Newry Gala the previous weekend – Hannah Lipscomb was 2nd in the 200IM with a PB. Michaela Malcolm also swam a fantastic 100 Breaststroke to finish first in her age group. Andrew Lipscomb took 8 seconds of his PB and Charlie Morriss got a Qualifying Time in the 100m Freestyle. Brilliant swimming by MUASC swimmers!!!

PTL Gala v East Cavan

Mid Ulster Swimming Club won comfortably against East Cavan displaying great team spirit. The final score was 512: 593. We had a long journey down and an unfamiliar pool to contend with but the swimmers rose to the occasion. The older swimmers cheered on and supported the younger swimmers creating a good atmosphere in the pool.
We had a number of swimmers swimming up; Conor McCusker and Ollie Morriss swam up to B boys relay and swam brilliantly, Eoin Young and Luke O’Connor swam up for the C boys, again the boys did themselves proud, the C boys won their Frontcrawl relay.
69 swimmers recorded their fastest time this season, well done! There are a few swimmers I need to mention; Charlie Morriss was unstoppable, winning all his 5 races, Micheal Higgins smashed 4 of his races, coming first in all 4, Annie Kilpatrick and Simon Matterson won 3 races apiece, Eoin McEvoy was placed 1st twice and Luke O’Doherty came first in his backcrawl. Absolutely fantastic, well done!!
I want to thank the parents that accompanied us on the trip and helped on poolside; to Micky Cassidy and Andrew O’Neill for completing the difficult job of touch judges, to Paul O’Connor for working the desk recording results, to Lisa Oliphant and Paul Morriss for organising the swimmers and to John McConnell, Fiona McCusker, Dorothy McConnell, Briege Young, Mark Maguire and Paul Brewster for timekeeping. The parents’ attendance was vital as we are required to provide at least 9 adults to run every away gala. The coached are all volunteers and really need and appreciate the support of all parents in order to run the galas and time trials efficiently and safely. If everyone does a bit we will continue to grow from strength to strength.