Annual Club Gala Qualifying Information

The Annual club gala on Saturday 15th June is the culmination of our 
season’s club swimming and we’re at the point where swimmers have the 
opportunity to qualify for this.

Heats for this will be held on Thursday 16th May. Learner Pool Swimmers 
do not have heats. Every learner pool swimmer swims in Learner Pool Gala 
on Gala Night

There are 2 separate sessions for these Heats:

6.00pm –7.30pm for Novice swimmers.

7.30pm -9.00pm for Team swimmers.

Please ensure your child attends the correct session— we will not be 
able to accommodate any swimmer if they attend the wrong session.

6.00pm Novice session is for swimmers who have not competed in either 
the Aqua sprint or PTL galas. Except for the Group A Aquasprint 
swimmers i.e. born 2010 they need to attend this session as they only do 
25m in the main club gala.

Novice swimmers will complete in all 4 strokes over 25m.

7.30-9.00 Team session is for any team swimmer from under 10 (i.e. 
born 2009 onwards) they will compete in all 4 strokes over 50m and the 

Please note this year all swimmers are expected to complete all 5 events 
on the one night.

The new rule has been introduced this year by the coaches to ensure 
fairness that swimmers do not have an unfair advantage if they reduce 
the number of swims they take part in one week and come back fresh the 
following week.

If a child is sick on the first night they can return the following week 
but will be expected to complete all 5 events.

It is also to reduce the time out from training.
Time trialling over 2 weeks means a lot of wasted training time. The new 
structure of 90 mins also gives us enough time to get all the swims 
completed on one night.

It is also to facilitate the people on the desk to record the times and 
prepare the lists for the finals. This is part of the gala preparation 
that parents and swimmers do not see and it takes a lot of time, effort 
and patience from the recorders.

If your child cannot attend for the Time Trial on Thursday 16th May can 
you please inform Gemma Lipscomb by text mob no. 07919251648 or leave 
your child’s name at the desk on Thurs 9th or Thurs 16th.

We will accommodate swimmers who cannot attend for the Heats by running
reduced lanes (over 3 lanes) Heats on Thurs 23rd May.

If you are unsure about your child’s session time for the time trials 
please check with their coach tomorrow, Thurs 9th or check the list at 
the desk.

Can all the Trophies pleased be returned by Thursday 16th May –PLEASE